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Do you know all about the Portuguese Capital?

Lisboa, it is the correct way to say the name of this espectacular city by the river Tejo (called Tagus river in English).
Former Portuguese Empire capital, today is the most famous city of Portugal. Selected by the tourism industry has

World’s Leading City Break Destination 2019
Europe’s Leading City Break Destination 2019
Europe’s Leading City Tourist Board 2019

“So, what are you waiting for?!”

I have learned from a wise man, every year we celebrate 1 anniversary and people ask us
“How old are you?” but they never tell you How many years you still have to go…


How many years you still got?

Torre de Belem


Learn about Lisboa Monuments & Cultural traditions from a Portuguese native view.

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Best things to do

Restaurants suggestions, places to visit and curiosities from local people.

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Pedro Mascarenhas

Pedro Mascarenhas

born 1986, former fireman, executive driver, tour guide

Carpe Diem

is my favorite expression, we do not know how many years or days we have to live , so let’s enjoy every day we wake up and be thankful for it.

I am a tour driver and local guide since 2017, self-taught, passionate about Portugal. Man on a mission to show the world the beauty of a small paradise on earth.

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what people say about Lisboa...

TSchenkon Tripadvisor
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Lisbon is a wonderful, ancient city with roots that date to Roman times. My wife and I spent a week here recently on a business trip to the area. We are both avid hikers, and we really enjoyed exploring this historic city mostly on foot. The food, especially the seafood, is unbelievable.
Chris Oon Tripadvisor
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A lively city evocatively set on the mouth of the Tagus River, with world-class beaches, wild forests and loads of "fresca" activities to enjoy, Lisbon is a dream location for outdoor lovers.
Shankar Conn Tripadvisor
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Alfama is Lisbon at its best, where past and present intersect in perfect harmony. A visit to Alfama is an ethereal experience and a discovery of Lisbon's eclectic soul.

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