Ahh … Lisbon is indescribable. Only by visiting can one realize the uniqueness of this city. From the ground, the Calçada à Portuguesa consists of applying limestone of predominantly white color on the ground with black designs … Image In order to create various patterns or various figures, from flowery patterns to boats to the so-called wavy pattern, creating the optical illusion that there is indeed a high and low in the floor as if in front of us was a “living” sea. Image The city buildings that bring to our eyes a world of countless architectural differences and color. Image Yes, Lisbon is a salad of styles and colors and is perhaps one of the main reasons that attracts its visitors. The city is built on an ancient Roman metropolis, discovered after the 1755 earthquake, today it is possible, with little effort to glimpse the Roman Theater. Image ..or in a toilet, yes to visit one of the facades of a better Roman building is by access to a public toilet, next to the Sé cathedral church and, “only” costs 0.50 € Image Although all this is magnificent, the real treasure is still beneath the buildings of downtown Pombaline. Image Only visitable 2 times a year due to the complexity of the work … The Roman Galleries .. Image ..are the true holy grail of the city of Lisbon. I confess that this visit is so difficult that I have not even been able to visit it myself. Usually the visits take place in the last days of March and September. Follow here the page where you can sign up to visit, Good luck … https: //www.facebook.com/museudelisboaEGEAC The city is made up of 7 hills, where there are fantastic viewpoints where we can appreciate the beauty of the city .. Image ..sure that these are always crowded with tourists and tuk-tuks, but there are still some that remain calmer, such as the viewpoint of Penha de France, the Garden of Torel, among others that sometimes it is necessary to enter by private properties. It is impossible to walk the streets of Lisbon and not listen to Fado, Portuguese music of popular origin that was elevated to Intangible Heritage by UNESCO in 2011 Image … to understand the true charm of Fado, we have to listen to it live and we must remain silent, close our eyes and let the voice of the fadista and the melancholy of the Portuguese guitar touch us in the heart. Image ..may make reference to various singers and locals but by doing so it would extend me too much, thus leaving the challenge of you reading Alfama and Mouraria … the birthplace of Fado Image Following downtown Lisbon is the area of ​​Belém that attracts more tourists and .. it’s easy to see why! Image From the Jeronimos Monastery … Image … to the tower of Bethlehem … Image … both over 500 years old, the Presidency Museum, Coach Museum, Discoveries Standard, Navy Museum, Belem Cultural Center, but it is perhaps a “simple” shop that attracts more people and gives them more. an extra motivation to stay in the sometimes long line …. the “Pasteis de Belem” store Image … yes these are the famous Portuguese typical cakes of the capital, which make the delights of the most sweet or curious. Ahh .. and don’t be afraid to eat them, they are cooked at high temperatures, thus burning bad sugars, being less harmful than a cupcake. There is a “little”, almost secret …. the Ajuda Palace. Image At the top of Calçada da Ajuda, this magnificent building of Neoclassical architecture, although with some traces of Baroque, style with which the work began. Image Perhaps because it has never been finished, it remains out of the limelight, although perhaps that will change very quickly as the final facade works are now underway. Image I bet they are already super excited and curious to visit this city that is dubbed by some critics like New Berlin, with regard to the diversity of art that can be seen on the streets of the Portuguese capital … Not only that, there are numerous places where you can enjoy different types of art, from theater to dance, from sculptures to paintings. Between chiado and LX factory or one of the city’s many museums … I recommend that the visit to Lisbon be combined with the visit to Oeiras, and the Marquês de Pombal Palace. Image Marquês de Pombal was a controversial figure in Portuguese history. He was the man who took over the mission of rebuilding Lisbon after the 1755 earthquake, during the reign of King José I as his “Prime Minister”. dovecote marques picture Among other achievements is attributed to him the responsibility of the end of slavery and inquisition in Portugal in the year 1761.

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