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Are You buying guide books made by very respectable persons BUT, they are not local?

Have you been lost all over the internet searching about Portugal? You still don’t know how the portuguese live? How to feel a local?

Who am I?


I’m passion about people, since very early I started to serve people, at 14 years old I joined the fire house has a volunteer in the band and it was a matter of time to put out fires and make trauma hospital transport, so I must say serving is in my blood.

Nowadays I’ve specialized myself in tourism and Big News…. people just LOVE to travel!!

So the best way I found to keep serving people, is to help you TRAVEL and the best way to do it, is to cut out mid sellers and show you our services straight and clean, just like a farmers market…from the producer to your table… Without commissions so, this will REDUCE the price of your vacations and save you Money!!!

Besides, this will make your life better, travelling reduces your stress, improves your relationships!!

So stop reading this and fill the quiz… I will give you for FREE your personalized travel plan in Portugal.

P.S. This may take a few minutes because… I’m only one
P.S. plus…the things we are doing are not even published outside the country

Why the Hell should someone give free content?
I’ve had contact one-on-one with thousands of people that told me, Pedro you should write a book about Portugal, as a result, here we are. Meanwhile if I went to same regular editor they would be already full of this travel guides or maybe not, but for instance this could not reach to sufficient number of people that I wished.

Why should someone trust a guy that is giving free traveling information?
You are the most important in my job, when people like you talk and recommend Portugal has a fantastic place to visit and fantastic people we have, delicious food, really cheap and great wine. The worst is for sure the pastries made by the portuguese…OMG they kill even the most strict diet plan huumm huummm. Who has never listen about the famous portuguese custard tarts?!? Or the Sintra cheese pies?!?

Well the answer for that is simple, Because I love my country!
Yes my dear reader you are losing your mind with such a foodie speech but is just the we are, we like to eat and drink, isn’t difficult to understand why the portuguese are the world leading wine ranks has liters per capita, 50 to 54 liters per year is the average for each portuguese.

So let’s just say we know a lot about wine. The true of that is our wine winning more and more times in blind challenges in wine contests.

Well I’m sorry but if you want to know more you have to download the ebook FREE.

P.S. I have already extended a little bit myself on the writing, sorry for that it’s just the enthusiasm

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